How Blacks Are Portrayed

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (887 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Different Medias have played and will continue to play a compelling role in the way African American men and women are portrayed. A result to this is how , the media manly focuses their attention on violence, drug use, crime and other types of anti-social behaviors that are believed to be done by African Americans. With that being said, the media have cultivated a crooked and damaging public perception of African Americans. The portrayal of African Americans is stereotypically racist. Reality TV has caused other groups of people to look at black people in a very bad way; causing the society that we live in to be full of hatred, racism and many other things that can ruin an individual’s status or reputation. The argument on whether or not reality TV has an positive or negative effect on society has been going on for many years. People watch reality TV shows for many reasons depending on what kind of show it is, of course. This can cause some sort of hate towards other groups of people and can change the attitude they have towards them. Some reality critics believe that people watch reality TV because they want to feel better about their own lives or just for entertainment. Many people believe that reality TV should be used to educate, enlighten and inform viewers. From my point of view, TV is an excellent form of medium for teaching, advancing different forms of art like music or drama and entertainment. Others though believe that television is a threat to intelligence because it indulges the ill-witted. But in today’s reality TV shows, there is a huge concern about how reality TV promotes racial stereotypes. Producers now don’t focus on topics that everyone will benefit from but rather only focus on things that causes other people to look at African Americans differently. Black men are characterized by many differently terms. They are described as violent, crass, lazy, dead beat daddies, hot tempered and live off welfare because they have nothing good to do with...
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