How Creativity Has Been Applied to a Business Idea or Problem

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How creativity has been applied to a business idea or problem

To make a business grow and achieve productive and efficient results you need to invoke creativity which has always been an essential business skill. Since long time creativity has been applied to a business world as companies seek to use it in all parts of the organization to make it gain more profits and to be exceptional from others. A business person has to find unique solutions every day and he has to know how to react to situation creatively. Richard Florida (2002) stated human creativity is the ultimate economic resource. The ability to come up with new ideas and better ways of doing things is ultimately what raises productivity and thus living standards. Every individual is creative. Creative person is defined as curious, optimistic, imaginative, hard – working. He enjoys challenges, are able to accept problems easily and see them as new opportunities also he does not give up easily. Each of us see things in different way people are used to see or do, we come up with creative ideas and solutions which make us to explore our creativity in more depth. Creativity is a process from where creative ideas come from and creativity is personal skill which is essential in this process. Creative thinking skills and attributes explain how people are dealing with various problems or ideas. Skills such as imagination, problem – solving, taking – risks and reasoning help us to identify problems, find right solutions, generate and improve ideas also realize them and apply to business process. Intuition, motivation and flexibility make us to select a proper idea, explore different ways to combine and achieve it, improve attitude towards risk and eliminate boundaries. In order to achieve his purposes person has to be self– confident, determined and persistent. There are many ways how individual can improve or develop these skills. For example, JAV company ‘Sysco’ organized creative education seminars for their employers and results were stunning – every participant sales increased about 25 – 30 % but this is just one example how creativity has been developed in companies there are more ways to do that. First of all, we need to evolve ideas and understand that there is more than one problem solution also we have to perceive that each problem can be solved in a better or different way. The second way to improve creativity is called synthesis. Using this method more than to ideas are compared and from them combined into completely new idea. Also, in this report I would like briefly identify some of idea generation techniques which help to realize ideas in a particular business area. Smith (1998) identified 172 idea generating techniques which he allocated to smaller groups which tell us about each technique further. Idea generation technique is essential process of creativity. Brainstorming probably is the most important technique which involves generating a lot of ideas and solutions. Brainstorming was the first technique and it is called ‘the mother of all idea generation techniques’. Also, it can be used for both groups and individuals. Second technique is collaboration when group of people are working together on purpose to achieve a particular result. They share creative ideas between each other and make a final decision in order to improve the whole process. Reflection is third idea generation technique which concentrates on previous work when designers reconsider projects, schemes, plans or documents from where they can find a particular idea and develop it further. A fourth method is called socializing. It is about communicating with others about particular subject totally unrelated to the current work. Sketching similar to documenting reflects on drawing approximate scheme or plan of an idea. “In order to help individuals in the idea generation process, researchers have identified methods to stimulate creative thought, generate more ideas,...

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