How Europe Under Developed Africa

Topics: Africa, Colonialism, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Africa is, surprisingly, an underdeveloped country, despite her abundant natural resources.Colonialism came in disguise of civilization and in the process destroyed the core values of Africa.The traditional system of education was undermined to perpetuate western education which is alien to African culture.The trade and economic system was quite exploitative and was capitalist oriented.Tactically, the European colonialists explored and exploited both human and material resources of Africa to develop their own economy. The under-development of Africa could therefore be attributable to long term effects of slave trade,labor exploitation,unfavorable tax system which are common features of colonialism.The nature of African inherited educational system is such that encourage social stratification,and economic inequalities of the people of Africa.Also, the inherited educational system contributes to technological stagnation and perpetual disorganization of African Economy. Of equal importance is the fact that financial gain rather than quest for civilization, modernity and cultural integration were hidden factors for colonialism.More importantly, Africa is a primary source of raw materials for the European factories as well as a steady and stable market for European goods despite the fact that such products were offered at exorbitant rates. The infrastructure put in place arguably were to facilitate further the exploitation of Africa by the colonial powers.Indeed, every stage of European Conquest involved the use of arms and ammunition wherever persuasion fails.Similar faith befell Africans during slave trade era and millions of African active population were lost in the process. Walter Rodney saw this as an importunity to reverse the European view of under de4velopmet band bringing to light the fact the Europeans were the main reason for they Africa today. he further delved into the matter with justifiable facts of the state of Africa before the coming of the...
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