How Nature and Nurture Affects the Pies in Adolescence and Adulthood

Topics: Child development, Infant, Developmental psychology Pages: 10 (4723 words) Published: May 3, 2013
D1) Evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development at infancy and adolescence.

To achieve D1 I am going to evaluate how nature and nurture can affect the PIES development at infancy and adolescence. Firstly nature (when inheritance of genes and characteristics are involved) and nurture (when environmental influences and how people are brought up) can both affect a person’s development. In this evaluation I am going to evaluate how the nature affects the PIES at infancy and what theories are behind them. Secondly how the nurture can affect the PIES in infancy. Then I will go on to evaluate how the nature can affect the PIES in adolescence and then how the nurture can affect the PIES in adolescence. How Nature and Nurture affect the PIES development at infancy. Physical-Nature

The genetics that an infant can inherit from the parents can decide the height and weight of that person. Also if there are any physical disabilities or abnormalities these can also be inherited from the parents to the infant. This can affect the child physically because it can affect their development, growth and motor skills. Children have to build their muscle mass in order to be able to have the strength to develop as a person their age should. Disabilities or abnormalities can affect this. Also if the mother has exposed her baby to alcohol when she is pregnant then the baby could be born with Fetal alcohol syndrome. This can really affect an infant’s physical development. If the mother of the child is stressed whilst pregnant, this can also put pressure on the baby and could cause abnormalities. This means that when they are at the infant stage, the physical development could suffer. This can also be an outcome of smoking whilst pregnant and malnutrition. If the parents have passed on certain genes through the child’s DNA then this can lead to developmental disabilities that start at infancy. For example Cerebral Palsy and cystic fibrosis. When a child is born they eventually learn to crawl, walk, talk etc. This is because of the genes they have inherited from their parents. There may be a delay in this development due to inherited conditions/diseases this means that it may take longer for them to develop physically but usually they will eventually develop these milestones unless they have a condition or disease that disables them from being able to do physical things. Physical-Nurture

Nurture affects an infant physically because the things around them can influence what they do. For example sport, if a child has been brought up to enjoy sport as they grow older through infancy and childhood the child will probably be very active and love to exercise. As an infant this would mean that they may be starting pre-school, nursery or day facilities. This means that the teachers and other children will influence them to be physical by playing and also doing certain exercise. Also whilst going through infancy, pre-schools, nurseries or day centres usually provide healthy snacks and drinks for the child to ensure they are having the right food and vitamins the child needs to have a healthy body. At the infancy stage a routine of a child’s day can affect the child physically this is because change could maybe mean less exercise, or a different routine of eating patterns or how physical they are.

An infant’s physical development can be influenced through the environment in many ways. For example at a later stage of infancy when the child is beginning to try and walk, they use items around them to support them. Usually people around the child will also help them learn to walk by holding their arms but letting them move their feet and legs themselves....
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