How Project Runway Has Affected the Fashion Industry

Topics: Fashion, Project Runway, Fashion week Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: March 10, 2013
How Project Runway has affected the fashion industry

Project Runway is a reality television show that displays to people the intricacies of the fashion industry in the comfort of their homes. Viewers catch a glimpse of the cutthroat competition that design houses go through. Project Runway has increased the number of people venturing into the fashion industry by giving firsthand information on what’s required to succeed in the business. Fashion is a booming business, supported and displayed by the rich and famous. These people are under constant public scrutiny not only their fashion sense, but their private lives as well. Project Runway, as the name suggests, is about competing contestants who must prove their designing prowess and ability to work under pressure. It brings original designs to the public eye. Most designers who have not made it into the upper echelons of the fashion industry have been aided by the self-confidence that Project Runway inspires in people. Small-time designers’ original products might one day become successful because of the lessons and inspiration from the show. Many people are, in some manner, ambitious. Growing up focused and ready to learn the basic skills that will help achieve dreams is good. Being prepared for a dream that will provide for loved ones in the future is good. The more successful contestants in Project Runway are assured of cash prices and mentorship from world-renowned fashion houses. Project Runway has increased the number of people venturing into the fashion industry because they have firsthand information on what is required to succeed in the business. Before Project Runway there was a perception that fashion was an insider’s industry, and would never work on television. The Project Runway team had a vision for the show and was undaunted. Executive Producer Desiree Gruber: “We knew how exciting it was. If you’re in fashion you know the drama that takes place to get things made. When you see a runway...

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