How Slavery Affected the New World

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Africa Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: November 27, 2012
How Slavery Affected the New World
Amanda Maldonado
Unit 1: Essay

When we think of slavery we cannot help to think of mistreated people. Slaves are responsible for making the New World succeed in the enlightenment of civilization, and the production of wealth. Without slave labor economy would not be working today. Slavery teaches us that after suffering there comes reward. At the same time however, slavery is the definition of anguish and torment. The separation of loved ones to service a stranger is erroneous. Slave labor feeds the master’s family, but distresses the laborer’s family. Slavery brings us new traditions and diversity to the New World. In her book, The Origins of American Slavery, Betty Wood explains her point of view of how slavery came to be and I will be referring to her book.

Slave labor is a topic that is very important, because slaves are used to serve others, without being paid. They are used as objects and treated as so. The owner has power over the slave’s life, and liberty, “…loss of humanity; that the slave was no longer a person, a man or a woman, but an animal.”(Origins10) Slaves are treated this way, even though they harvest the corn we eat. The clothes that the master wears are made by the slave, and with cotton that the slave picked. The land that is being used to harvest by the English, and the Europeans, belongs to the Native slaves, and yet they are being disconnected from their own rightful property. The foreigners are taking advantage of the people, to make themselves wealthy. They are greedy and want all the riches for themselves and no one else.

The Europeans and the English fight over land, however that land belongs neither. They came and took over without the permission of the people who were there first. The slaves are moving economy forward, because their labor produces money. Money goes into the economy, and there is the start to a strong New World. Agriculture and trading make it easy for people...

Cited: Wood, Betty. The Origins of American Slavery: Freedom and Bondage in the English Colonies. New York: Hill and Wang, 1998. Print.
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