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Hulu is a subscription service provider offering on instant on demand streaming of TV shows, movies, trailers and behind the scenes footage of many networks and studio programming shows. Hulu has a joint partnership with NBC (Comcast), Fox Broadcasting Company and Disney- ABC Television Group. These primary broadcast partnerships has allowed hulu‘s video content more accessible than other cable operators. The value proposition of the following:

Hulu was created to offer a social experience. In doing so, it has created an easy, intuitive and interactive site where many enjoy navigating through the various portals of movie and TV show content. •Quick and diverse content access. Hulu offers thousands of episodes of TV shows, movies (indie, documentary and foreign), cartoons and news programing downloaded through your web Brower. Hulu does not require to purchase additional cables or software to support the video content. •Feedback is an important part of the Hulu site; registered subscribers participate in Hulu discussion boards and rate and review videos. The reviews are displayed below where the content is displayed. The user feedback is very important to the top management because it leads to the further improvement of the site. •Hulu is accessible through many outlets (mobile devices, tablets, computers, and Tv etc); taking the Hulu experience wherever you go. This differs from the cable television medium where content is confined to the cable box. According to NY Times article written by Brian Stelter July 23, 2011 Critics of Hulu concede that this company has accomplished something astonishing. It has helped to free television from the tyranny of the TV set. For decades, people watched television one way: through a boxy contraption, tied to a schedule set by broadcasters. Hulu’s stated mission: “Help people find and enjoy the world’s premium video content when, where and how they want it.” •Hulu also offers little or no...
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