Human Trafficking

Topics: Slavery, Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Human trafficking involves coercing , forcing or defrauding people into labor or even sexual exploitation for the benefit of the one doing the convincing . This is seen as the modern day slavery (Bureau of Public Affairs May 24 , 2004 . Majority of the people who fall prey to the people who deal with this slavery are mostly from third world countries This is done either through promising them a safe passage to the developed world where they would get jobs and better education or even get married . Some are not promised anything but are instead forced into doing so by threats to their lives or that of their family members thus constituting mental and physical torture Women and children are the most trafficked human beings . This trafficking takes place not only across bs but also with in bs . The loan sharks provide loans that have exorbitant rates of pay , which prove to be impossible and thus end up taking some family members in lieu of the monetary pay . All this happens despite the fact that slavery is banned in all countries of the world . It is usually prohibited by 1948 universal declaration of Human Rights and also the 1956 UN Supplementary Convention on the abolition of slavery , the slavery trade and institutions and practices similar to slavery HYPERLINK "http /www .antislavery .org " http /www .antislavery .org In the 1850 's slavery was an institution and to won a slave was very expensive and thus very prestigious one African slave would cost around 40 ,000 . In contemporary slavery , the price of a human being has diminished in value to a point that the most expensive slave is an Eastern Europe woman who costs 500 while the cheapest is a child from India who is sold for as low as 35 . However , there is trafficking of men too especially to work in the Brazilian estates as farm laborers and they can cost around 100 . The problem is that there are too many desperate people in the world and the traffickers take advantage of this desperation to get...
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