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Teamwork and developing professional relationships

203 2.1 You are a new member of the team. Whilst supporting Emyr, a child in your class you are concerned that he may have developmental delay. Describe the ways you would develop your relationships with the following adults: Class teacher, parents, SENCO and other professionals

Teamwork and developing professional relationships
206 3.3 There are lots of members in your team. Describe your role and responsibilities and the role of others. This could include the class teacher, HLTA or other TA, SENCO

Teamwork and developing professional relationships

206 3.1
a) When working 1-1 supporting a child why is it important that you work well together as a team?

b) Can you give another example of where you think it is really important to work as a team

206 3.2
a) Think about your role in your school. Give 3 examples of how you have helped the team to succeed and how these have helped towards the teams overall aims.

b) What is the overall purpose of the team in which you work – what are they trying to achieve in the Classroom?

Teamwork and developing professional relationships
203 2.2
Case Study
Hanif and the class teacher in Year 2 with whom he works do not get along well together. This is not because each of them have had any disagreements, but each of them has preconceived ideas about each other and they manage to avoid spending time together when children are not in class. This has been noticed by other members of the staff team. They have been working together for just under a term when the Christmas production means that they have to spend some time discussing and planning together. They have started to do it in lesson time and Hanif has stayed behind after school to have a meeting with the teacher. Do you think it matters that Hanif and the teacher are not particularly keen to spend time together?

Why is it important for the children to Hanif and the class teacher working well together and communicating well?

How could Hanif improve the way he is role modelling good relationships?

Teamwork and developing professional relationships
203 3.5
You have spent a lot of time putting up a display in the classroom. The TA that normally helps in the class has noticed and is unhappy you have gone ahead and put the display up without discussing it with her. Describe what you would do to ensure that the disagreement is resolved appropriately.

Teamwork and developing professional relationships

206 3.4 You have been asked by the class teacher to help with the upcoming class assembly. She has asked everyone in the team to think about their skills and what they would like to help with. Why is it importance to respect and use everyone’s skills?
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