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Topics: Africa, Slavery, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 5 (811 words) Published: October 14, 2013
Université Catholique de Louvain - COURSES DESCRIPTION FOR 2013-2014 - LHIST2610


History of sub-Saharan Africa


5.0 ECTS credits

22.5 h


Teacher(s) :

Van Schuylenbergh Patricia ;

Language :


Place of the course


Prerequis :

Interest for the past and present African world, openness of mind. Basic knowledge of Central Africa Colonial History.

Main themes :

The first part of the course follows a chronological plan. We shall then pass in review the history of pre-colonial Africa, the first (15th-18th centuries) and second (19th-20th centuries) colonial periods; the time of independences (around 1960) and the most recent period. Certain particular subjects, such as the slave trade, evaluation of the rôle of missionnaries, the pan-African movement or apartheid will also be taken up. The second part of the course will be dedicated to in-depth examination of a question related to the history of sub-saharan Africa (for example, mutations in the family and relationships; relations between Christianity and traditional African religions; the avatars of socialism in Africa). Some years the course will deal with a region or a particular country of Africa.

Aims :


Evaluation methods :

To meet the Course requirements, students should :
-Regularly attend and actively participate into the scheduled classes; -Read the African Press and write a 3 page paper (selecting an issue; commenting thereon in connexion with History). This will be part of the Examination;

-Write a 10 page Essay on a specific topic (to be determined during the Course): issues, both methodological and substantial, at stake; present status of sources and past works; reading articles/essays/ chapters in books (max. 5 pages), and critically reviewing these;

-Successfully pass the examination: press study (25%), historical essay (45%), oral examination on the Course content (30%).

Teaching methods :

Each Session :
-is designed to confront students with material cases, that may as well concentrate on local issues, and individual, and even personal matters;
-and comprises the following, in turn : (1): Identifying methodological issue(s) at stake, on the basis of a material, specific case, possibly directly connected with most recent topics and facts (taken from, e. g., the press or an on-going exhibition/ publication/ film); (2): Presenting and discussing the emerging main topic. This based on illustrative documents (identifying sources; analysis and confrontation of documents); (3): Major identified messages; and (4): Synthetic conclusion. This inter-connected Question/Analysis/Answer process will enable the students to broaden their basic knowledge and identify a possible research topic for further seminar and/or essay.

Content :

An Introductory Session will precede the Course. The former will : - Insert Sub-Saharan Africa within historiography at large (major trends of African History in the past and how they evolved; new on-going research and what are promising fields to further explore; how politics, medias and intellectuals are recuperating history. - Address the relationship between memory and history.

Then, the Course will comprise 6 Sessions, each connected with an Issue at large, one or two thematic topics of which will be discussed in depth:
(1) Africa within the World Economy and Globalization (e. g. flows of goods; resources and technological items; agriculture and forest policies; water policies; Development Aid and Cooperation); (2) Africa and its Environment (e. g. Man relationship with the latter; colonial changes; impact on diseases and epidemics; conserving and protecting Nature);

(3) Power and Politics in Central Africa (e. g. setting-up, organization and fall of the major Kingdoms; colonial power; power and gender; conflicts and violence; resistances and independences; centralisation and decentralisation); (4) Religion and its social...
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