Infancy and Childhood Development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, Early childhood education Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Infancy and Early Childhood Development

Infancy and Early Childhood Development
Child development starts well before a child is brought into the world but genetics, parental, and other family influences help infants and children social development. Parent’s character traits are certain to have some influence on his or her child’s social development. Introverted parents, who are not relaxed in social situations, are not likely to expose his or her child to new people or new experiences. Children who have extrovert parents are more likely to be relaxed when interacting with other children. Restricting a child’s social contact can cause a child to be sheltered. Developmental psychologists have long speculated about the influences that parenting styles have on the social development of children (Grace, 2010). A child may only have access to certain neighborhoods and school; this will limit the child’s opportunities for social development. This causes the child not to have a diverse background. This lack of diversity limits the child's ability to be socially competent in various circumstances (Ramsey, 1986). Children with siblings typically learn how to loose, fight, and win a fight by interacting with his or her siblings. A parent can encourage a child’s emotional development by setting positive examples. Infants must keep a close relationship with one or more adults to develop a strong emotional attachment. A growing bonding attachment with a minimum of one adult is crucial to any child's well-being, social development and emotional development. Children tend to excel in life if his or her parent is educated, if the family incomes are higher, his or her parent have rare or no signs of depression, the family have routine schedules, books, play materials, and are active in his or her child’s learning activities. A mother’s interaction with her children is important for the child’s development. Children...

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