Influence Of Behavioral Concerns And Early Childhood Expulsions On The Deve

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University of Colorado School of Medicine

University of Colorado School of Medicine and Aurora Research Institute CORDELIA ROBINSON ROSENBERG

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health STEVEN A. ROSENBERG

University of Colorado School of Medicine
ABSTRACT: This article examines how the Colorado study Children With Social, Emotional and Behavioral Concerns and the Providers Who Support Them (S.D. Hoover, 2006) was used to advance a statewide agenda for early childhood mental health consultation in Colorado. The study involved a survey of licensed childcare providers throughout the state asking about the behavior of children in their care and their responses to that behavior. Exclusion of children from early care and education settings due to challenging behavior was found to be a significant problem taking a toll on families, children, and early care and education providers. Importantly, results from the survey indicated that the rate of exclusion of children from care due to challenging behavior was lower for family childcare providers who had access to mental health consultation. Recommendations are offered regarding the infrastructure needed to sustain mental health consultation capacity in early care and education settings, and related policies and practices.

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Since the mid 1990s, early care and education professionals, state-agency policymakers, and the Colorado legislature have had a focused interest in providing support for young children, their families, and their early care and education providers related to children’s social, emotional, and behavioral health. The precipitating concern was reaching children with mental health issues early. The literature at that time, though limited, supported the promise of early intervention (Heller & Coen, 1996). The Perry Preschool Program, work at the Yale Child Study Center, and other national

projects all demonstrated cost savings resulting from early intervention (Heller & Coen, 1996). As increasing national attention was paid to the issue of young children with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties, work was begun to strengthen survey methodologies, develop common indicators, and address the challenges of comparing data. Despite the increase in national research on preschool expulsions (Gilliam, 2005), there was a lack of research, and therefore consistent data, on the nature and prevalence of challenging behaviors and expulsions in Colorado. This lack of data was highlighted as a major concern and a significant barrier to promoting sound public policy and implementing programs that appropriately and effectively supported children, their parents, and their providers.

In an effort to build on earlier efforts, and reflecting Colorado’s commitment to early childhood social, emotional, and behavioral health, the Colorado Department of Human Services

Additional supporting information may be found in the online version of this article.
The original study was supported by funding from the Colorado Division of Child Care. Direct correspondence to: Sarah D. Hoover, JFK Partners, University of Colorado School of Medicine, 13121 E. 17th Avenue, C234, P.O. Box 6511, Aurora, CO 80045; e-mail: INFANT MENTAL HEALTH JOURNAL, Vol. 33(3), 246–255 (2012)

C 2012 Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health
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DOI: 10.1002/imhj.21334


Influence of Behavioral Concerns

was successful in...

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