Internal Analysis

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internal analysis
The Cs: Culture, Capabilities and Composition
* Culture: auditing values, belief and attitude
Management will conduct culture audits to determine how far the quality of the employee’s working environment. One common way is by using an employee survey. From the employee survey, company can obtain variety of things ranging from environmental problems that exist in the organization to provide feedback to management. * Capabilities: people as strategic resources

Core capabilities are a set of knowledge within the organization that differentiate the organization with competitors and deliver value to consumers. Example: Fed Ex has core competencies in the delivery of packages and employee relations. People are the key organizational capabilities of the core, especially at companies using knowledge base like a software company that it needs to prosper them. There are several ways to achieve competitive advantage through people if they can meet several criteria including a valuable resource (when it can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization), rare (have the ability, skill and specialized knowledge that is rarely held), it is hard to imitate, and should organized * Composition: the human capital architechture

Managers must manage the number and who will remain employed, who is contracted and how to manage different types of people, knowledge and skills in the organization to be able to contribute. There are several trends, for strategic knowledge worker, they have special knowledge and skills directly related to corporate strategy and hard to replace such as: R & D. Then, supporting labor that have usual skill, not so important as to possess the knowledge and strategic, and available in the labor market. The last is alliance partners, this group has characterized as unique skill, but not directly attributable to the company's strategy. Forecasting: A critical Element of Planning

* Forcasting firm’s demand for...
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