Interpersonal Communication

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According to Deddy Mulyana (Ilmu Komunikasi Suatu Pengantar, 2012: 81), “interpersonal communication is face to face communication between people, allowing each participant captures the reactions of others directly, either verbally or non-verbally”.

R. Wayne Pace “interpersonal communication is communication involving two or more people in a face to face setting”.

Wiryanto (Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi, 2004: 32) “interpersonal communication is face to face communication between two or more persons, whether organized or crowds of people”.

Interpersonal communication is “face to face” communication between 2 persons or more. It is spontaneous & has no structure. Interpersonal communication has a big role in changing attitudes because it is a sharing process.

Characteristics of interpersonal communication:
1. Two-way communication.
2. There is feedback.
3. May causes the change of attitude.


From all of the types of communication, interpersonal communication becomes the most important type. There are several reasons why does interpersonal communication become the most important type.

First, interpersonal communication is the basic of all types of communication (except intrapersonal communication, because it is just about communicating with ourselves). There will be no small group communication, organizational communication, public communication, mass communication, & intercultural communication if there is no interpersonal communication because it is the basic foundation. It means that you will not success with the other types of communication if you don’t learn and master the interpersonal communication as the basic.

The other argument is that interpersonal communication is the first type of communication we learned in our lives & the most often used. Even since the...
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