Interpersonal Relationship

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Unit 1 Critical Thinking Questions (100 Points) Due date is end of session These questions could be an extra credit to supplement inadequate performance in unit exams or a stand-alone credit in place of the unit exam. Please write as much as you want, and submit to the assignment page. 1.Think of some recent interpersonal communication exchanges you’ve had. Which communication model best captures the nature of each exchange? Analyze each exchange, identifying the components of communication discussed in this section of the chapter. Was feedback an important component? Were you and your partner experiencing the communication simultaneously? What was the context? What were sources of internal and external noise? Did you or your partner have problems encoding or decoding each other’s messages? (read Ch 1) Answer

My Church members had to set up a meeting for a bridal shower; this is how our conversations went; After church on a regular Sunday, all the women gathered together with the exception of the bride. ” will be meeting at apple bees tonight” for Rita’s bridal shower. This person forgot to say which apple bees. Since we had one apple bee’s restaurant close to the church, one would assumed that the other person understands the location, but this was not the case. Some of the ladies went to two different apple bee’s restaurant, one the church usually goes and the other one 5 minutes away. Those that went to the first one waited for 30 minutes, said to themselves that may be meeting was cancelled without informing them. The frustration was how the message was misunderstood (meeting at apple bees tonight) that is missing the important piece of information (the specific location of the apple bees), may have caused pain and hurt these women. We get these kinds of errors in our everyday conversations. The reason this becomes a problem is because we are bond of accusing others for not understanding. We end up saying; “you knew which apple bees we were talking about”...
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