Interview of a Famous Actor

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AB: Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we have the honor to welcome a very special guest: your favourite TV-show actor, Hugh Laurie. So, Hugh, let me first ask you why you were attracted by House’s character. Because it is such an outstanding character…

AH: Well, it’s a long story… At first, I was unwilling to play House, and I wanted to interpret Wilson, House’s best friend in the hospital. Indeed, I thought that House’s personnality didn’t fit with mine. But when I was asked to play House, I realized that, in fact, I had several points in common with him. For instance, both of us are sadist and sarcastic.

AB: What a coincidence! But I can tell you that you did a good choice because nowadays House is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. Hum, I have another question for you: was it difficult to combine shootings and family life?

AH: Actually, it was very difficult from 2006 to 2008 because while my family lived in West America, the shooting took place in East America. This caused problems when I had to “settle” in California for 6 months. But now my family lives in LA so it is much better for all of us.

AB: You seem to have a complicated organization.
Now I’d like to finish this interview with more personnal questions asked by your fans on Twitter. So, first, what is your favorite TV show?

AH: Well, I’d say that my favourite TV show is prison break. It is an Action-packed serial with fascinating actors. I recommend it to every TV show lover.

AB: Okay! Then your fans asked you whether or not you have learnt about medecine while playing house? For example, if I tell you that I’ve got very big pain around my heart, what would you say?

AH: Well, I am not exactly sure but in accordance with what I know, I would say that you should go to the Operating Room right now if you don’t want to die from myocardial infarction.

AB: Waouh! Do you think you know as much as a doctor about medecine?

AH: Absolutely not. I...
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