Is reading important than television.

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Reading is important it helps you to learn all you can about variety of things. But just like everything it needs to be excited for children. A child would not take up a book and read about Sam Sharpe or why Jamaica got independence or important things like that but what if it was on television and it was not boring learning about it . What television does to children is that it draws their attention and they do not even know they are getting useful information in that little brain of theirs. If you ask somebody if watching television is the best way to broaden their child knowledge or reading a book or two , some could say “TV get bad rap but I think with healthy viewing habit and parental supervision , limited screen time it can be a positive experience for children hence some way children can benefit from watching TV”. While others would say no reading is the best way. But what they fail to understand is that children is the objective here ; while reading is said to know more things you not going to get a child to pick up a book and read that easy while the television is more fun and it does give the same information . Watching television is useful for children and exciting in the way of how children learn; I believe that television is better to get more information in their brain than books because it excite them more. When they have to sit and read to get information you will see that they are not very interesting to learn like that. It all about the brain and how it work for children and adult with adult they know they have to read to get what they need but with children they do not see the use so adult fine a different way to give them information without they know they are getting it ; that is why the television is the best way to inform children and have fun doing it. Television can be bad for children if they are not supervise just like any other thing in the world like the old saying goes “ two much of something is not good”. But just like...
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