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Children develop in a holistic and intergrated mannor
Children develop in a integrated and holistic manner.Discuss

Holistic development refers to childrens development as a integrated, and the whole nature of childrens development. These aresa comprise of physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, moral, spirtualy, and creative development.This eassy will outline the areas of a childs holistic development and will focus on on the five main areas of development. While discussing the main areas of holistic development this eassy will look at the connections there in. This eassay will also look at theorists of child development and differences found.

Historicaly, children in the middle ages have been viewed as small adults, “the principal goal of childrearing was to rid the child of this sin” as stated by Flood,(2010,pg1). Alot has changed since the middle ages through studies carried out on child development by such theorists as Piaget , Bronfenbrenner, and Montessori to name a few. According to Flood “Childhood is now considered to be such a distinct stage in life” (2010,pg1). “Psychological, sociological and educational research has highlighted the importance of early years experiences to the quality of later life experiences”(Hayes,2005,pg16).

Firstly lets define development, “the term development refers to the process by which an organism (human or animal) grows and changes through its life-span”, (Smith,Cowie,Blades,2003,pg5). The areas of holistic develpment are physical, cognitive, language, social, emotonal, spiritual, moral, creative, cultural.

One of the common and easier ways to see a childs development can be see in physical development. “Physical development provides children with abilities they need to explore and interact with the world around them, A young childs physical growth first begins as muscles gain strenght and children gradually develop coordination”(Physical development in babies and children,kidspot,2013). Physical development refers to a childs growth exterinely and internaly and both fine and gross motor skills are developed. Hayes states “motor development improves remarkably over the first 12 months so that the infant develops from the immobile state of the early months to the mobility we see in the average tweleve-month-old. Fine motor skills also emerge so that by nine months the baby can pick up a small object using the forefinger and thumb- the pincer grasp” (2005,pg.81). “The quility of motor development has a profound effect on other aspects of development”,(Hayes,2010,pg74).

Within physical development a childs physical growth ,such as brain growth directly affects a child cognitive decelopment. Flood explains “the brain develops most durning the prenatal stage and first two years of life,(2010,pg59).“Cognitive development covers thinking, reasoning, problem solving, memory, aspects of perception through the senses, concept formation, concentration, attention and many other mental functions”(O Hagan,Smith(1999)pg4). Children make sense of the world around them through perception. Hayes acknowledges “that improvements in perception occur over time as a result of changes in the maturity of the perceptual systems and as a result of experiance,( 2010,pg83).Memory is essential to all areas of cognitive development. Memory has three main functions “taking in information- we do this through our five senses. Storing the information- this takes place in our memory. Recalling the information- information is retrieved from our memory”(Beaver,Brewster,Jones,2001,pg122).Also childen develop concepts in concrete, specific and abstract ways.”Humans stoe information efficiently by grouping similar ideas and objects together to form what we call concepts,as Hayes explains,(2010,pg84).

“Language development is the process by which children come to understand and communicate language durning early childhood”,(Enecyclopedia of childrens health,2013). Language is any form of...
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