jersey shore contraversy

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Morgan Cohen
Dr. Jackson Wills
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Jersey Shore
The television show known as Jersey Shore that aired on MTV for six seasons. The first time it aired was in December of 2009 and it was a huge hit. There were many controversies before they aired the show because it was an MTV reality show that reminded the viewers of The Real World. The show followed all eight housemates around day in to day out whether they were working during the day or partying at night. The fact that all random characters met up in a house to live for a summer together made viewers want to watch and see what will come about. Since the cast was followed around all of the time they would catch every minute of the exciting thing happening. They were able to cut out the dull, uninteresting parts so the viewers did not waste their time and cut to the chase. The critics were thinking negative thoughts before it aired and the controversy if the show Jersey Shore had a positive or negative impact on society. Jersey Shore was looked as a bad influence to younger views and nothing good was coming from it. Others look up to these characters as role models and follow in some of their footsteps.

In the show Jersey Shore there are many different specific reasons why critics disliked the show. One reason of the reasons why the show was judged before it aired was because of the way the trailer made it seem foreshadowed it was going to be a bad influence to a younger crowd. The trailer looked as if it was only for a certain age range and this was difficult because even though the television blurts out the curses you cannot restrict an age limit for a tv show and what viewers and see. However there are certain topics you cannot just blurt out. The characters in the show openly talk about sexual intercourse as if they were being paid to talk about it. They even have a designated room called the “smush room” where come home from a night of partying, bring back a stranger and sleep in this...
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