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A. The instructional problem I identified in my setting is students struggling with identifying themes in literature. B. The difference in current condition and desired condition is vast. Currently students do not know how to properly identify theme. There are some students who do not know what theme is. They do not have the entry level skills needed to be successful. The desired condition is that all students know what theme is. It is also desired that students properly identify theme in literature. C. Data collection process: For gathering data I used two different methods. I conducted individual interviews with two students in the class. Both students were exposed to literature selections. The students were asked questions regarding their understanding of the selections. I think this method of data gathering was appropriate because it gives me the opportunity to work directly with the students. I asked the students interview questions I am to know their attitude towards learning. I know their educational level. In these interviews I asked questions concerning the students’ feelings about the text. I was able to note demographics and characteristics of the students as well. The second data gathering tool I used was classroom observation. I entered a 6 grade general education class room. I reviewed the lesson plan prepared by the teacher. I saw the objective and goal stated. I saw that the standard to be obtained was also listed. While I was in the classroom I made note of the teachers’ classroom management. I saw the way demonstrations were modeled. I monitored the assessment that was given to the students at the conclusion of the lesson. I believe this data gathering method was appropriate because it allowed me to observe the dynamics that were taking place in the classroom.

D. Description of data analysis techniques used
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