Jurassic Park Analysis

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Novel Study – Jurassic Park
Many people whether they are kids or adults have only dreamed to see a real live dinosaur. In the book Jurassic Park, this dream becomes a reality. Dr. John Hammond the owner of Jurassic Park had put together a team composing of scientist and computer engineers with the intention of creating dinosaurs back from the Jurassic period. The team is able to create many types of dinosaurs taking orders from Dr. Hammond however the dinosaurs had experienced difficulties and posed a greater threat than anticipated. I believe that Dr. Hammond’s ambition of building Jurassic park was unwise as it turned out to be more complicated, not to mention more dangerous as expected. First, Dr. Hammond would have done anything to create Jurassic park, but when it came to money he was the greediest person. Second, he was a very ignorant man, not listening to anyone. Finally, he had lacked intelligence on both dinosaurs as well as any other animals/equipment used to create them. Not only did Dr. Hammond allow these “problems” to get in his way, but he allowed his ambition to drive him there creating chaos.

Dr. Hammond although already wealthy, invested millions of dollars and years into creating dinosaurs only to reveal his true greediness’. Throughout the book Hammond had said that the park is for the kids to experience the dinosaur age, however he knew very well that only the rich would be able to afford this. Furthermore, Hammond was ready to charge hundreds even thousands for admission into his park, let alone all the money he would make off merchandise. In addition to the admission price, Hammond had laughed to the suggestion of a coupon day for those who would not be able to afford entry to the park. Despite money coming in from customers, Hammond was unwilling to pay Nerdy more money to fix the system. Nerdy had designed the system that controlled the entire park, but when problems arose Hammond would not pay Nerdy to fix these claiming it was his...
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