Kindergarten Observation

Topics: Childhood, Attention, The Child Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: November 19, 2013
For my observation, i went to Calvary Christian School in Vista, California in order to observe their Kindergarten class. I arrived around 12 o’clock, which was a little after their lunch period. The teacher had just about finished reading them all a story and then began an english lesson.

The classroom itself, though generally hard physically, has a very warm and welcoming feel. it is very clearly broken up into different sections. Their is a classroom section, with desks lined up in orderly rows and facing towards a whiteboard. on each desk there is a pencil case filled with different types of writing utensils. Next, their is an arts and crafts section, which has 2 large round tables with painting and coloring supplies in the middle. Finally, there is the story telling section, where the children either sit on the floor or on blankets and face the teacher, who is sitting in a chair. The walls of the classroom are cover in the children’s art work, classwork, and bright posters. in one corner if the room there is a class pet, a bearded dragon lizard.

The class itself is rather small, made up of only 13 students. There are 7 boys and six girls. The teacher, Mrs, Dorantes, appears to be in either her late thirties or early forties. There is also a teachers aid, Mrs. Salas, who appears to be in her late sixties or early seventies.

The teacher uses a very hands-on and fun- central approach to teaching. She believes the children should be as involved as possible, both mentally and physically. During story time, she was constantly having the children do hand motions and such to go along with the story. She very clearly attempted to maintain eye contact with each student for an equal amount of time, rarely ever turning away from them. Even when leading the from the story area to the class area, she walked backwards, always taking care to maintain eye contact. I was not able to observe how she handled a truly troublesome situation, as none of the children really...
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