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 David White

To succeed in college takes a lot of effort. You have to be on time to class, give your undivided attention when the professor is speaking, do all home/ class work, study at least 45 minutes a day, take as many notes as possible, and score good on all your quizzes. But to flunk college, that is effortless anyone can do it. On the first day of school show up to class and attend the last 35 minutes. Do not sit in front of the class; be sure to mark your seat way in the back corner of the classroom. That way it’s hard for you to hear, but even more complex for your professor to see that your texting and not doing any work. Bring no school supplies at all, so if you get caught texting you can say, “I’m sorry mam I’m taking notes I’m not texting.” Show up to the class once a week, or once every other week. Be sure when you do attend class to only stick around stay in class for about 25-35 minutes to ensure that you do not retain any information needed to pass the class. On exam days be sure to arrive to class at least 20 minutes late. That way everyone has started testing and the instructions were already giving, grab your exam from your professor, and don’t forget to take the seat way in back of the classroom! Once you have sat at your desk turn to your neighbor ask to borrow a scan-tron and a #2 pencil. Head your scan-tron with only your first name that way your exam is easily misplaced. Then right after you write your name begin to hum your favorite song and start to have fun bubbling in anything on your test. This testing method is known as “Christmas treeing” and is bound to get you that grade you’re looking for. Another way to contribute to failing is to come to school unprepared bring no books, no book bag, no pens, nor paper, hell bring no supplies at all I’m teaching you to fail not pass. That way when the professor ask would you like any extra credit you can turn and say “Do I look like I came to do any work?” Take no notes at...
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