Topics: Classroom, Problem solving, Lecture hall Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: April 6, 2014
Katherine Montilla
English 101 Sec 029
Professor Velez
October 14, 2013
Argument Discussion

It is important to keep in mind that although laptops are very helpful, to some they can become a distraction. In the discussion of laptops, one controversial issue has been the use of laptops in classrooms. On the one hand, in Andrew Goldstein’s essay “Keep Online Poker Out Of The Classroom: Why Professors Should Ban Laptops”, he argues that laptops are extremely distracting and should be banned from all classrooms. On the other hand, Elena Choy’s “Laptops In The Class Room? No Problem”, where she argues that students have the right to use laptops and do what they please with them. In their writing, both authors give personal examples in regards to why they feel the way they do. Although both arguments were very convincing at first, one argument stood out the most. When analyzing the two arguments, it became clear that one essay was far beyond better argued and organized; the Rogerian Argument Checklist easily backs this up. Elena Choy manages to stay on topic, neutral, and address both sides of the issue; while Goldstein falls short when drawing the reader’s attention to his main points and believes. Choy begins her argument by listing the arguments in what she takes to be in favor of banning laptops. “In fact, I’ll begin with what I take to be the arguments in favor of banning laptops, I believe the chief arguments are these:” (272). She respectfully introduces the other side before she even gets to hers. She also goes to mention that the upraised lids of laptops have not yet stopped her from making eye contact with students (272). In addition, her many years in the teaching industry have lead her to believe that students are in control of their own studies and time. Contrary to Choy, Goldstein makes it clear that laptops in the classrooms have no good...
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