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World History Essay 1


States in Europe have begun to invade the American Continent in 16. century. Especially, Spanish invaders enslave and run indigenous people who live in America in sugar cane farm and mines in very poor conditions. Indigenous people have disappeared in a short time because of Europa people's infectious diseases and poor working conditions. Upon this the Spaniards and the Portuguese turned to Africa to find a source of cheap labor. Slave trade was legitimized in the Kingdom of Spain in 1502.[1] In 1509, the catholic bishop of the chiapas city of the Spain, Bartolome de Las Casas said that; ''Spanish settlers who goes to America should take a certain amount slaves''. This advice is considered the beginning of the slave trade from Africa to America. To save American indigenous people and to improve relationship between the settlers of America and American indigenous people, The Laws of Burgos inserted into force by spanish Kingdom, in 27 December 1511 and this law has allowed black slavery.[2] In 1518, Lorens de Gominot took the first official permission to dispatch 4000 African slaves to America continent. In 1519 the first slave ship from Africa to Puerto Rico in American continent is thought to be moving. The beginning of the slave trade there were not a link between the slave trade and racism. However, with the increase of African slaves, slavery and the negro were used in the same sense in the West. European Christians, did not accept other Europeans (whites) to be slaves. However, they did not have any objections for the slavery of black Africans, so the new target was Africa continent.[3] Africa, before the opened europa's intense effect, was one of the world's most stagnant societies in terms of social mobility. Everyone was swapping each other who was not using the overproduction. Land was one of the most important elements of production, but there was no private ownership of land. They was using land according to his needs, but they had to protect this land. The city of Granada fell in 1492. Other Muslim homeland in North Africa also entered a dangerous period. Africans began to live a disaster in desperation across the Spanish expansionism. All the important port cities was falling one by one and people who save lives was running away, could not run away people being captured or killed. Slavery was started first in 1444 and continue until middle of 19.century. The slave trade began to flourish in, the rulers have increased their incomes by taking goods with changing slavers. Some of Europe's largest banks and insurance companies have achieved the first capital with the slave trade. North America's wealth cause is slave labor. Liverpool, Bristol and all the wealth of cities like Glasgow are debtors slave and colonial goods their richness. An important part of the ships carrying slaves, was registered in the Port of Liverpool. Countries which see Africa as a source of a slave, now they began to see the raw material source and market. But for this, they needed workforce in Africa.[4] This new trade has created a degree of economic mobility in Africa. The black people who catches counterpart were began to occur as mid-class people. A terrible impact for the Dark Continent this new trade, aside the drama of millions of people plucked from their families and their homeland, selecting the most strong of people and taken them taken as slaves, deprivation of manpower in Africa. The slave candidates passed health checks and sold. According to the Olaudah Equiano's book; around 12 million Africans moved to the New World during this period. This forced migration is accepted as the largest migration in human history. According to Senegal prime ministery Shengor 20 million slaves goes to America in this term. but when...
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