Laptops in the Classroom

Topics: Laptop, Education, Classroom Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Shanikwa Cohran
Brad Campbell
Eng. 1103-12
22 March. 2011
What’s The Point?
The article “Laptops in the Classroom? No Problem” by Elena Choy is started with a great quote that makes the readers think about their instructor . “A teacher is someone who never says anything once (106).” Choy puts up an argument about whether or not laptop computers should be banned in the classroom. She also made it known that some professors may need to reevaluate their teaching techniques. Most professors feel that laptops in class today have become a huge distraction in the learning environment. Some students choose to use their laptop for other reasons other than taking notes. Students who choose to play games during class are obviously bored with the material or the teacher. This is becoming a problem in many classrooms today. Choy’s views on students with laptops do not have an effect on her teaching, and other professors should not let it distract them from doing their job. First, Choy really tries to see both sides of the story in this situation. She came up with some points on what most professors think about the subject. There were top four reasons for banning laptops in classrooms due to Choy’s research and experience. Choy’s reasons were “(1) the upraised lids of laptops distract the instructor, and they often prevent the instructor from making eye contact with the students;(2) laptops distract other students, who cannot help but see what is on the screens----for example Facebook and twitter;(3) students who use laptops to take notes, take overly extensive notes, which means that they are doing stenography and are not really focused and thinking about what is going on in the classroom; (4) most students are so busy taking notes on their laptop do not participate in whatever discussion there may be in the course (106).” Choy has made it clear that in her class, there are only a select few who use laptops. She feels that if the students choose to take...

Cited: Choy, Elena. Laptops in the Classroom? No Problem. The Little, Brown Reader 2008. 106. Print
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