Laura and Miss Dove

Topics: Difference, Emotion, Social class Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Laura and Miss Dove

Similarities and differences can be found within the two stories The Garden-Party and Good Morning, Miss Dove. The two main characters in these stories are Laura Sheridan, from The Garden-Party, and Miss Dove, from Good Morning, Miss Dove.

Laura and Miss Dove both have made life changes because of a death that has affected them in some way. Miss Dove made an extreme life change after her father died. She became secluded and showed little emotion or care for anyone. She was closed off from society. Miss Dove then starts to plan everything out, so nothing would be unexpected that she could not control again, like the death of her father. As the story progresses she begins to lose that attitude slightly. For example, she was swept up in the emotions of her class by crying with her students. This is the only time in the story she is seen showing more than mild emotions. William Holloway is the only person who remembers of Miss Dove showing any kind of respect towards anyone. Laura’s traumatic situation was never witnessed by her, but she still took it to heart. A man lands on his head off a horse and dies in front of her family’s house. She gained a new perspective on the world that day. She began questioning things she would have agreed to when she was naïve. The death of a man she never knew affected her life more than anything else has before.

Laura and Miss Dove also can be affected by the actions of the people around them. Miss Dove took the day like any other day, it was normal until her sixth hour class. Watson Baker received a note from his brother who had been fighting in the war. He began reading aloud until it got to the point where his brother wanted Watson to give Miss Dove a kiss for him. Miss Dove stood at the front of the class awaiting him. When Watson kissed Miss Dove, a female classmate, Jincey Webb, added that,” It was like Watty pinned a medal on Miss Dove.” This comment caused an uproar of emotions in...

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