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A constructivist approach primarily includes interaction and collaboration learning as well as a flexible curriculum and a variety of activities to enable the learners to construct meaning themselves which ensures better retention. Thus in class room learning becomes more dynamic. Need for the study

One of the prerequisites in learning language is to become a good communicator using the target language. This sometimes appears to be a difficult task in certain classroom situations. Teaching in a Kendriya Vidyalaya presents such a situation. Difficulties that K.V.S. students face

The students of K.V. lack the ability of speaking and reading effectively. The aim of helping the students to become proficient communicators cannot always be realized as; the language classes limits an adequate practice opportunities for each student. The issues are three fold—

1. Over Crowded classrooms.
2. Limited availability of target language speakers as most of the students cannot speak the English 3. The students of KV they come from Diverse backgrounds, many lacking the communication skills which hinders their performance in the second language i.e. English. OBJECTIVES--

The main objective of this experiment was to leave aside conventional approach of learning and use a new and vibrant method of teaching, where the students will be actively engaged and learning will become joyful. The main objective to choose this topic was to reinforce LISTENING. SPEAKING, READING, WRITING, skills in the learners, so that they become active learners. To make the language more approachable, the performance smoother, and generate a liking for the subject amongst the students, some innovative ideas were implemented. The Experiment was conducted on the students of class 5th from their text Marigold based on activity- method of teaching, the period chosen for this experiment was a block period, and the recording of the lesson was conducted with the help of tape recorder.

The process of experiment was through a series of thought provoking and meaningful questions. The children were categorized in groups with flexible seating plan, where they could collaborate with each other. MAIN FINDINGS—

DAY ONE— The first day the students were divided into small groups, breaking students into small groups provides opportunities to practice the target language and reinforce their knowledge through group discussion and collaboration. Each group was asked striking questions. The Warm up Session—

STEP ONE--The scaffolding was done by presenting a lot of visual clues like showing the a lot of story books from their classroom libraries .seeing those colorful illustrations the students could conclude that all those books are story books. After providing those visual clues some warm up essential question were asked. Have you read any stories?

Do you like listening to stories?
Why do you like listening to stories?
Do you enjoy reading story books related to adventure?
RESULTS-- The result was spontaneous that story books were well within the understanding of the students. They could easily identify the period of the story that was shown to them i.e. olden days or modern times. They were also familiar with the folk tales by showing some of the fairy tales story books. PRE-READING ACTIVITIES—

STEP TWO- - Word drilling of difficult words was followed by Model Reading done by the Teacher, Group reading, and individual reading was conducted by the children. LEARNING OUTCOMES—
OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS—Open ended questions are the key factors to inculcate the constructivist approach, where reading skills can be reconstructed and reoriented. With the help of the audio and visual clues the concentration level of the students increased profoundly. This methodology when adopted in the classroom the students enjoyed thoroughly listening to their voices exposer to the listening skill...
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