Lee Chong Wei

Topics: Classroom, Mischief, Bell Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Ring…” the shrill ringing of the school bell pierced the air, bringing to an end the silence that reined the class for past forty minutes. As the mathematics teacher stepped out of the class, there was a sense of relief as Mr. Siva was a strict disciplinarian who would not tolerate any of our pranks.           The other students started their conversation. Today Zahirah who sit beside me was absent. She got a fever. Then, I saw Seng Hye bustled to the front of the class. The most detestable boy in the class, he was the prankster whose his behavior was a source of irritation and annoyance to most of us especially among the girls. He approached me with his familiar mischievous grin from ear to ear.  Then, in a twinkling of an eye, he put something on my desk. As he ran out of the classroom, I could hear his hysterical screams. I knew he was up to mischief again.            It was then I saw he slimy, creepy creature staring at me with it moist eyes. All of a sudden, with a croak and a single giant leap, the four-legged creature landed on my lap. I was frozen with fear. Then, I let out a few screams that echoed the class. This joke was at my expense.     Calling his name at the top of my voice, he cowered in silence. The hilarious laughter I heard before from my other classmates stopped. Seng Hye had guilt written all over his face. We were both summoned to Mr. Siva’s room. He asked for apologize and was let off with a stern warning.        As I stepped out of the room, I knew this was the one incident that would remain in my memory for a long time. Initially, it was the day I lost my temper but now, it becomes my most embarrassing moment in my life. Zahira who was absent that day always teases me about this incident. She keep saying “Why did Seng Hye did not wait for her?”
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