Legislation And Policy Research Assignm

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Legislation and Policy Research Assignment
Health and Safety – 334/1.4:-
Explain how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in own work setting or service. The current health and safety legislation are implemented into the work setting by the following procedures:- Always following the health and safety policy in our school. We have a first aid procedure that all staff adhere to, in all classrooms there is a first aid box, used if any accidents occur in the classroom. At playtimes and dinnertimes there are two designated areas – one for KS1 and one for KS2. A trained first aider will man these areas and deal with any accidents appropriately. In the event of an accident there is a first aid/medical book – this is where the accidents are recorded; dated, child’s name, accident/incident occurred, child’s class and location of accident and how the incident was dealt with. There is a duplicate copy which is filed away and kept in school and the other is sent home to inform parents.

Signing in procedures as follows:
Staff and visitors have to sign in and out using an electronic scanning system. Each member of staff/visitor has a card with photo ID, name and bar code to identify themselves and use to sign in and out of the premises.

Fire Drill procedures as follows:
To ensure the fire alarms are up to date each week we have a routine testing of the fire alarm system. We have a fire drill every term. Fire exit plans are displayed around school. In the event of a fire children are escorted out the building through their nearest fire exit and are escorted to the assembly point. Fire marshals will do a routine check of the building and then registers will be taken for each class to ensure all personnel are present and nobody is missing. Once it is safe then people can re-enter the building.

Risk assessments are taken out for each classroom and outside on the premises, a risk assessment should also be taken out for any...
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