Level 3 Award IN Education And Training

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Level 3 Award IN Education and Training - Mark Kendrick
Unit 1 Understanding Roles Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training Question 1
1.1 Main Role and responsibilities as a teacher/trainer in education and training The main role of a teacher/trainer should be to teach in a way which engages learners and actively engage learning during every lesson irrespective of the environment. In my position as IT manager at Barnsley College there are roles and responsibilities that are set to facilitate personal and organisational goals the same can be said for teaching and learning. As a teacher/trainer I will need to be able to adapt my style of teaching by being a friend, counsellor, mentor to ensure that my learners are able to rely on me to meet their individual learning needs. To this end I have the role of assessor, most learners have different learning needs and it is my job to identify these needs as part of the teaching and learning cycle to ensure my students get the best experience of learning possible. I will need to have the skills to promote equality and diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Initial assessments will help me to identify my learners needs which could include poor hand writing, poor reading skills, or any disability that is a barrier to the individuals learning need, A diagnostic test will be carried out to identify individual learner needs and if any further support is required this will then form the root of the individual learning plan. By doing the initial and diagnostic tests this will enable me as the trainer to understand how to apply the different assessment methods to meet the needs of the individual student which in turn may increase the motivation of the student and give me the confidence to deliver the training. Assessing the learners needs skills and knowledge will help to identify any areas that may need to be referred or where advice and guidance can be given to support learners to achieve. Another area for me as teacher/trainer is to plan effective and inclusive learning programmes that promote the use of equality and diversity. I will plan to use different teaching methods and approiate activities which met the needs of the curriculum and also the needs of the learners. Different teaching methods could be group discussions, question and answer sessions or practical demonstrations. The approiate planning will be determined by the identified learner needs which in turn will point me to the approiate teaching methods to be used, this is an important aspect of training to ensure learners feel comfortable and are ready to learn. Training should always involve the student at the planning stage to ensure they are not surprised by the assessment criteria or they do not feel too overwhelmed if they are involved at the planning stage the student can make suggestions and choices which will not put them in a position of panic and will help them to achieve their goal.   I must as a trainer be able to offer a range of approaches and resources to meet the needs of an individual or a group of learners. It is my responsibility to develop and produce teaching and learning materials appropriate for a range of purposes and target audiences. Different learners have different levels of understanding and knowledge, and if I am to be successful in the delivery of the training then I will have to use different teaching methods, such as digital media, hand outs and practical demonstrations which must be approiate to the curriculum being delivered. These teaching methods will promote equality, diversity and inclusion and will have the potential for language, literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology for learners and will make it easier for those who understand visual, auditory learning. Some students learn better from watching and listening to a video than doing practical work whilst others prefer a more hands on approach. As a teacher I am responsible and need to...

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