Level 3 Cyp 3.1

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Children and Young People
CYP 3.1

Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth-19 years.

Physical development 0-6 months
1-2 months- when the baby is one month old they start to use their face muscle at first they will start to smile. When the baby cries it becomes more sensitive, the baby might make non-crying such as gurgling. Babies turn their heads in the direction of a scatter light source, and watch bright shiny objects. Lots of babies will start moving their head if they hear a sound/noise but they will not be comparable to locate where the sound coming from. When hearing s particular noise they will immediately freeze and stay still for a couple of minutes. 3-5 months-At the age of three months babies will start move their toes and lift their heads they might even start to move their fingers about and play about with them. When they hear the sounds of their parent’s voice they start to move about more. Between 4-5 months they will start to reach out for their toys if it is a small object they might start passing it from one hand to the other.

Physical development 6-9 months
Babies at the age of 6 months have learned many of different skills by then. They will be very alert of the noises around them, they will enjoy playing and by showing that they are enjoying their self they will smile with happiness. Although they can stretch out and take hold of a toy or adult's hands they will be able to pass the toy to their left and right hand. Babies begin to show that they understand little bits of what we are saying and they will try and talk back to us. They will start to explore around the room playing with their toys also using their fingers to pick up things and feeling things they will be able to sit up as long their back and head has support, they will be able to move around the floor a little freely by rolling over from their front to their back.

Physical development 9-12 months
9-12 months babies their physical development is very noticeable. They will be crawling or finding different ways to move about you get to places. By then they will be able to sit up and support them self. They learn new activities such as exploring sitting also playing with their toys. The baby’s movement starts getting faster so at this stage parent will start to put safety material around the house. Although they are doing large amounts of movements they will be able to pick up objects and move them and they would have learnt to use their touching skill much more. 15 months

They will be more interested by some material around them they might even start putting things in their mouth this means that parent will have to start watching more and be careful if they leave things around the house also the babies taste skill will start to build up. They will learn to crawl, roll, sit up and support their self any they will be using their finger a lot more to feed them self.

Physical development 1-2 years
When babies get to being 1 years old it is a very special event for the babies development. The child's development gets to be more developed they will start to walk they might also start to stand but they still need support whilst they are doing this when they are walking they might use the objects to help them stand and walk around the room. When they was in their months stage they started to crawl fast but now they will be moving a bit slower because they are learning something new as well as they have to support their self-whilst they are doing it. When they start to walk their sight feel touch sight to development even more this will help when they are feeling and learning different materials. They have developed picking up small and medium objects and holding on to different sizes of furniture and learning to walk.

18 months
Kate Beith states:' That the meaning of toddlers is used when the child starts to walk it basically used because when their young and their trying to...
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