Life in the Woods: A Life Changing Experience

Pages: 3 (1225 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Randy Velazquez
English 1013-008
Professor Charles Tyrone
February 15, 2013
Life in the Woods
Life changing experience don’t happen very often that’s why every time you get a chance to experience one you should hold on to it for your whole life because that’s how you learn to appreciate life. It was around December when one of the scariest experiences happened to me. Going hunting for the first time seemed like a good idea, but the result from that adventure made me change my life forever. 

It was around December, and my uncle invited me to go hunting with him, so I said "Sure". I never had a chance to hunt because my family aren’t big hunters. It was an offer I couldn’t say no to .Early in the morning I headed down to a part of Arkansas I never been through and seeing why they call it the natural state made me excited for what was going to happen later that day. Arriving at the spot of the woods where we were going to hunt, I put on my equipment and headed out with my two uncles and two cousins. Having a 22 on my hand, I started to realize I wasn’t going to kill anything. As the day carried on, my uncle started to get a bit frustrated because we were probably going to go back home empty handed. One of my uncles suggested that we should probably go back in to woods and give it another shot. That’s what we did, we all split up in groups of two, and I ended up with my uncle. My uncle and I started walking in to the woods and couple of minutes in to it we ended up right by a hill. My uncle suggested that he was going to go up the hill and scare something, so a deer will run downhill. He also told me that I should walk along the hill at a steady pace, and when I see a fence to wait for him there. As my uncle went up the hill, I lost sight of him and everything went silent. I walk along the hill like my uncle said and finally stopped by a big long fence and waited for him there. Minutes passed and I still had no sign of my uncle, and doubted myself if this was...
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