Life Span Development In Duck Dynasty

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Reality television, Family Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: March 3, 2014
As we learned in Chapter 1, research has been a key factor in the field of lifespan development.  This assignment will allow you to conduct research in order to connect what we are learning in class with what you see on a daily basis.  For this assignment, I want you to pick a reality television show that has a child or adolescent as a main character (Honey Boo Boo, Dance Mom’s, Teen Mom, etc.).  Watch the show and make observations regarding the character’s physical, cognitive and socio-emotional characteristics and behaviors.   

The character should be either 4-6 years of age or 12-16 years of age (pick one).  Take notes that will help you complete a 2-page paper (double spaced) regarding what you observed.  Be sure to provide the name of the character and television show you watched.  I am looking for you to be able to describe the physical/biological, socio-emotional and cognitive behaviors you see displayed by the child/teenager you are observing.  Also, we have discussed some biological processes such as childbirth that you might observe (i.e. watching Teen Mom).  Some physical traits might include Height, weight, coordination, alertness, have they started puberty?  Additionally, be sure to discuss and explain any abnormalities (i.e. is the child overweight).  If you do highlight a concern, be sure to reference our text.  Socio-emotional observations might include general expressions of emotions and interactions with children/teens in their age group or family members.  Cognitively, can they express ideas clearly?  If it is a child, do they seem to developing within the “normal” ranges discussed in class?  Try to make connections with some of the theories and concepts we discussed in class (i.e. Piaget, Nature vs Nurture, Freud, Prenatal Development, Brain Development, etc.)

I chose to observe Sadie Robertson from the reality show, Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty is a show focused on one family, The Robertson’s, who became famous and wealthy from a...
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