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Career Exploration

As a child we all dream of being doctors, and veterinarians and well I wanted to be a “pumpkin grower” when I was little, but my thoughts on careers have changed. For my career exploration assignment I have chosen three careers that I could actually see myself being successful in, not only in the fall when the pumpkins come out, but all year round. My first career chosen was a cosmetologist. I started thinking about this career option last year when I took my first cosmetology class and my teacher was very impressed with my work, being a year younger than the rest of the class. Right now I am taking cosmetology and I really enjoy it, so that is why I chose cosmetology as my first career option. My next career choice was mostly a shock to me, but I chose anesthesiology because it was one of my results on the career matchmaker test. After looking into this career I realized anesthesiologists make good money, so that was an added bonus! As for my last career, this idea also came from my matchmaker test, but I thought it was a good choice for me because it deals with some cosmetology and also fashion – two things I am interested in. That is why I thought image consultant would be a good career choice for me. In my career I want to obviously make good money and enjoy going to work every day, so hopefully this exploration will help me decide which path to go down. The path to becoming a cosmetologist is for sure one of the shorter paths taken. In most areas around the world a student must have completed high school with a diploma and must go to cosmetology school get the proper licensing to practice this skill on the public. For me, if I do decide to continue in cosmetology I would want to open my own salon and be my own boss. Being a cosmetologist comes with its number of duties and a responsibility, but having your own business adds to that number. Some of the duties being a cosmetologist include, making clients happy, and the number one responsibility, cleaning, and being able to adapt to new styles and trends within the media. A cosmetologist is also responsible for having knowledge mostly on hair, but also makeup and nails. Hours can range from the average 9-5 work day or sometimes can be later on some nights, depending on the demand for your company and clientele. Many self employed cosmetologists work from home or may have their own salon elsewhere. In a salon out of home the work environment may be different from those who work in a multi employee, fast paced, high stress level environment, where as in a home salon the environment might not be as face paced or stress fully depending on your client booking skills and how fast you work alone. Self employed cosmetologists make an average of between $15,000 and $40,000+, depending on clientele and location and whether you own a high end or lower end salon. Location plays a great role in clientele and profit because somewhere like Toronto or California where the cost of living is high, and the salons might be higher end, the more you can charge for services. Whereas somewhere like Welland or St.Catherines, high paying salons are rarely seen because many people might not be able to afford it and the demand for leading edge skill is not as high. I think the future outlook for this career is good because the media is always evolving and looking for new skill, so the right person can always advance forward in this industry. Two schools I would be interested in attending if I decided to choose cosmetology as my career would be the Maya Beauty Academy in California and Arrojo Cosmetology School in New York. To apply to both of these cosmetology schools you must fill out an application form, answer a questionnaire, have a letter of recommendation and have strong academic background and commitment to cosmetology.

Have you ever watched shows such as Extreme Makeover or What Not to Wear and wondered what I would be like to have a career...
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