Topics: Reality television, Television, MTV Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Jessica Lavalley
Dr Chatman- Riley
English 1-A
12 June, 2013

Television, one of the World's favorite technology. With billions of people watching, you would think that television stations would air shows that would be fruit for the mind, something that they could learn from. Sadly, this is not quite the case. Audiences are fed poison in the form of absurd reality TV shows. When watching an episode of MTV'S "Jersey Shore", one would agree that this provides nothing for the mind, body and/or soul. Most reality shows are exactly that, pointless with no educational purpose. Most. There are an elite few of these types of shows in which, not only entertain immensely, but also serve a deeper meaning. MTV'S debut of "True Life" was an immediate success. The show follows the lives of certain individuals that you wouldn't really expect to be on television; heroine addicts, homosexuals, surrogates, texaholics, diabetes, embarrassing parents, the list could literally go on and on. This show is about struggles with the choices people made, and I believe that watching it could serve as a warning to the audience who might go down the same road.

“I don’t see how anyone can go through this, walk in my shoes, mom. You would hate yourself if you were in my shoes,” Rene, age 26 says, with tears flowing down her face. Rene is a beautiful girl, but has a disorder. She despises the way she looks. She cannot even fathom the thought of looking into the mirror without her reflection making her sick. She has suffered from this mental illness ever since she was a young girl. It has ruined her relationships with her friends, her family, and has also ruined her motivation to go out and get a job. Reality TV is usually watching a group of people who act like barbarians and make poor choices in their lives. True Life shows the bitter truth about people,...
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