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The world today Is being controlled by the technology. With all the various types of new inventions and gadgets. People are slaves of all the product of the intelligence of mankind. People follow the trends of the world, whatever is new, people do follow. The influence of media Is a very big destruction to humankind. The invasion of new television programs are trending especially to the teenagers. Reality television began in 1948 with Allan Funt’s TV series Candid Camera. Reality Television is a television programming that presents purportedly unscripted melodramatic or humorous, situation, documents, actual events ,and usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors. Reality television represents the life of rich high class individuals who thrive off drama, materialistic items and fame. Girls are being very liberated and show off their interest on men, or they do the first step instead of the guy moving first.

Reality television shows series as an entertainment purpose to all of it’s viewers, young or old. Producers want viewers to think and believe that these shows are not scripted. Most of the individuals are most of the times very selfish, childish and materialistic. When people watch reality television programs, they indicate to think that what they are seeing or what they are watching are true to life. And because of that, they believe that what they see on TV is what life really is.

Viewers of reality television who are addicted to these daily programs often get deeply involved into any situation. Often, certain reality television shows are based on topics that have no thought process or concepts. The audience thus gets hooked on to television shows, which do not really have any intelligent concept. For example, these shows often highlights constant fights or disagreements between a group and even telecasts certain moment not suitable for viewing for a family audience. However, some shows may even show positive things, which viewers can learn and apply in their daily life. For example, a person cal learn about teamwork or be motivated in life to achieve their goals or even chase a dream.

It Is a problem because reality television programs, are not exactly real life on camera. Rather, the shows are edited and scripted in being a melodramatic television show to make it more interesting and more exciting. The producers edit and script these to show to make It to have more conflict, more danger, more of negative things.. History has shown that when a mass of people can easily be controlled by a single person or a group of people that results to causing of grave harm. The influence of reality television characters, especially those who are teenagers, because they are influencing teenagers very effectively, especially with daring segments of the television programs. Especially, to think that this is a reality television show. Reality television is not really reality. Unluckily, many people think that It Is. These television shows draws hundreds, thousands, and even millions of viewers from all ages because It Is entertaining. It has been the focus of so much criticism because of doubtful honesty messages of some of the shows depict.

Unrealistic expectations. The late novelist Kurt Vonnegut once described media in terms that may apply to reality shows. He explained how TV and movies have caused people to expect reality to be much more dramatic than it really is: "...because we grew up surrounded by big dramatic story arcs in books and movies, we think our lives are supposed to be filled with huge ups and downs. So people pretend there is drama where there is none." Nothing proves Vonnegut's theory like America's...
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