Macs vs Pc

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Macintosh Versus Microsoft PC

Through out the ages, Macintosh and Microsoft PC’s have existed. Microsoft has had an edge on the consumer base for some time; however, as a result of its superior innovations, Macintosh has slowly evolved from the underdog to a strong competitor. With advancements in today’s computer technology and the help of the Internet Era, both Macintosh and Microsoft PC’s are widely available, but which is better? I. Microsoft PC’s are upgradeable, while Macintosh PC’s are limited to upgrading. A. Microsoft components are interchangeable.

B. The memory (RAM), the optical drives, and the processors on a Microsoft PC are upgradable. C. Macintosh is limited to upgrading, but the innovations and build quality of its PC’s are far superior to Microsoft. II. The processor is the brain of the computer.

A. Macintosh PC’s are equipped with only Intel processors. B. Microsoft PC’s utilize both AMD and Intel.
C. The difference between the two is that a Microsoft PC can utilize a cheaper alternative, such as an AMD processor. III. A large memory makes a PC more productive
A. The memory (RAM) of the computer determines how many programs or applications can run concurrently. B. Both Macintosh and Microsoft PC’s are pre-equipped with RAM. C. It is the consumer’s choice to opt for more or less memory. IV. Microsoft and Macintosh PC’s have optical drives.

A. Optical drives in a computer lets a consumer access media stored on discs, such as movies and music With upgradable parts and component choices for consumers, Microsoft PC’s would always be a winner in the PC world; however, as Macintosh gains more upgradable components, it may come out the winner because of its superior innovations. So, which is better, Macintosh PC or Microsoft PC? You decide!
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