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Topics: MTR, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: April 1, 2013
G.O.D. is retail chain offering contemporary furniture, home ware, fashion and lifestyle accessories. G.OD. has their own brand of products. Preserve the unique cultural legacy and humorous twist are products design concept, such as “double happiness” candles , “King of Kowloon public art” umbrella and revolutionary slogans are reinvented into fashion and household items . G.O.D. also provide home delivery service . G.O.D’s target segment is lifestyle’s people, tourists, people with high level of education and who want to improve quality of lift G.O.D.’s competitor is IKEA. IKEA the product rang of furniture is much more than G.O.D. but the product category will be less than that. G.O.D.’s product design is distinctive and then consumer can only be found in their stores. IKEA’s product design is popularity and simplicity, consumer will be easier to find similar products. They also both have home deliver service but IKEA must be paid.

G.O.D.’s targeting is middle class . Therefore its list price range is mid-price route in the market. G.O.D. gives discount to customers for specially items. It also has 6-12 months installment by selected bank credit card. For the competitor, IKEA’s list price range is lower-price route in the market. IKEA’s price recognized by most people. While G.O.D’s price only suitable for particular person. IKEA does not give discounts to customer because the price is always lower. They both also have 6-12 months installment by selected bank credit card.

G.O.D has 8 store respectively in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Peak Galleria, Stanley, Sai Kun, Ap Lei Chau and Cyberport. G.O.D.’s shop mainly covered in the tourist areas and shopping areas. The flagship store located in Causeway Bay and cover an area of 20000 sq. feet. The store most product in categorized display. It also has showroom display furniture. G.O.D. has provide online selling wholesale and export to oversea and delivery by Hong Kong...
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