Management Communication

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Management Communication
Jeannie Hopkins

Let’s discuss management communication. I believe that respect comes first and fore most. I also believe to treat others as you want to be treated. We as managers have to take into accountability that most everybody is different and we all have different things going on in our lives. If someone is angry about something it can mean they have had a bad day or they can be dealing with some things in their life. This is where being non bias comes in and also keeping ethical standards. There are fine lines when it comes to ethical situations and as a manager we have to know how to handle them.

Face-to-face communication or interpersonal communication is when people are physically present with each other. In the interpersonal communication is generally between the manager and staff members and also pertains to communication between customers and staff in my company. Effective communication in management is considered to be important for many different areas of an organization.

The communication process consists of three divisions which are the sender who transmits a message via a channel to the receiver. This message is transmitted to the receiver. The receiver then has to interpret the message in order to understand its meaning. In addition, the communication will also have to be encoded or decoded. Then there is the feedback factor, which is when the sender and receiver both are involved. Feedback is crucial for any kind of communication process to be successful. Feedback will allow managers or supervisors to analyze and understand the information provided and to be able to know the performance of work.

The communication process alone does not guarantee success for managers. Managers need to be aware of the methods used in the communication process and the standard methods of communication that are widely used which are generally written or oral. In addition to these two methods of...
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