Managerial Skills

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Managerial skills learnt from classroom can never match those learnt from experience.

Skills are the basic tools at everyone’s hand to dispose at the time of its usage which effectively finishes the work. Managerial skills are honed at many levels in the educational or work life and have got their own substantial supporting statements about the time and emplacement of earning the skills.

You are talking about Dhirubhai Ambani but have you think of Lakshmi Mittal the 6th Richest Man in the world and you will be astonished to find that he is only a commerce graduate still he make it to the top. He didn't Join B-School or Management Institution. What I means to say that it Live Experience that can attain you to a greater height your Fundamental knowledge from classroom can only helps you in understand the basics but only practical knowledge ca step you to ladder of success. Well i totally agree to this point as Jayabaskar said that when you have to face the world you cant just speak out the stuff you have learnt in the class. There are different conditions in real life. What we learn in the classroom is the reel life but in the real life we need experience to face these challenges. And skill comes with experience. person can become successful not only through education. It is only the person's skill, hardwork and zeal to reach the zenith.There is no need of studying the rules to play a game, it can be learnt by seeing others playing or playing himself one can learn which comes from experience. This is called practical experience. One should know how to manage things practically which comes by experience.So it is experience which make a person how to manage things practically. So managerial skills comes by experience and not when theoretically learnt.So experience speaks for itself.

"life is not a sprint, its a marathon. Train well and there is nothing thats going to stop you from reaching the finishing point Experiance is the better teacher than the...
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