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MKT 301-2
April 1, 2013
Revenge TV Show STP
Revenge is an American television primetime soap opera that first airs on ABC on September 21, 2011, the show has two seasons. The episode also aired on Wednesday nights at 10 PM Eastern Time. Revenge becomes ABC’s highest-rated series in Wednesday’s 10 P.M timeslot.

Revenge is American Drama episodes created by Mike Kelley, the major location of the scene is Los Angeles, California and Southampton, New York. Each shows is approximately 43 minutes. “The Series was picked up for a full season by ABC after garnering a 3.3 Nielsen rating in the all-important 18-39 age advertising demographics for its pilot episode and regularly winning its timeslot against every other television network.” (Wiki) the show gains its popularity from the demographics of age of 18 to 49 years old.

The show features several main characters including Madeleine Stowe, she was nominated for the 2012 Gloden Globe Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in Revenge. She played the role of Victoria Grayson: the resident of Queen of The Hamptons. Emily VanCamp played the role of Emily Thorne, her goal is to take vengeance on the people that destroyed her family on the show. Nothing will stop Emily in her pursuit of justice, Emily’s personal friend also former friend to her father, a local tech billionaire Nolan Ross.

Nolan Ross aide to Emily, former friend of David Clarke (Emily’s father who was betrayed and set up by his friends) and best friend of Jack Porter. Nolan Ross helps Emily in her quest for her father’s justice.

Jack Porter is a childhood friend of Emily’s and the former owner of Sammy, the dog Emily lost after she was institutionalized as a child. Jack is torn between Emily, the woman he loves, and Amanda, the woman he thinks is his long lost love from childhood.

The entire show is not a story about forgiveness: “Revenge is a show about retribution.” (Revenge) When Emily was little girl, her father David Clarke was framed for a horrific crime and subsequently sent to prison. While David was in prison, his friends, also referred as conspirators, plotted and murdered David in order to prevent the truth from coming out. Emily took a new identity and ready to take vengeance on the people that murdered her father and ruined her childhood.

There are many sponsorships and advertisements running during the show, the most prominent sponsors of the show are JC Penny, Dance with the Starts, Target. Although the ABC claims that the episodes is presented with limited commercials, but at the end of each segments of the show, Verizon, Clorox and Lexus was aired during the break time.

According to the Marketing Textbook, the Segmentation process is to describe the different segments, which helps firms better understand the profile of the customers in each segment, as well as the customer similarities within a segment and dissimilarities across segments (P 149). The demographic segmentation group of viewers of Revenge TV shows share similar characteristics such as age, gender, income and education. One segment group of viewers might be between age 18 to 24, mostly female college graduates with income from $0-$30000. Most of the viewers who have an incredibly broad set of tastes and preferences. This group of viewers like spend their night time watching TV show both individually or with group of other people, and many of them might have a strong need for inclusion or belonging. Many of them spend the evening using the TV as valuable relax time and escape from the reality or enjoy watch this show because they can “personally relate through the situational plot or characters and those recommended by friends.” (p150). The majority of the viewers are white American and African American and most of them have either in a relationship or has been through a relationship with someone.

The next segment is also female with age 24-45 years old, income $5000-$55000. The majority of people from this segment are...
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