Masquerades in Society

Topics: The Truman Show, Reality, Reality television Pages: 9 (4120 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Masquerades in society is my chosen topic for my Research Project. Masquerades in society, my understanding of the concept, is to cover up one’s true self as almost a defence mechanism. Masquerades may vary from adopting an alter ego to simply presenting a filtered version of one’s actual self. This essay will grapple with whether there are benefits to be had from assuming a masquerade of some sort. Masquerades in society interested me as a topic because as a teenager struggling to discover herself it seemed reasonable to debate how much of myself I need to show in order to survive today’s society. I have selected Rafa , the autobiography of tennis champion – Rafael Nadal. I have also chosen The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern , Moffie by Andre Carl van der Merwe and My life as a Fake by Peter Corey . The movie I have selected is the Truman Show. I selected the autobiography of Rafael Nadal as it describes the mask the athlete wears on the tennis court in order to disguise his nerves and fears not only from his opponent but himself. I decided on the chosen text; The Night Circus as it confronts the problems and benefits of disguising the truth with a semblance. I selected the novel Moffie as it shows the hardships of a person being forced to hide their genuine self. My Life as a Fake deals with the consequences of lying about one’s real identity and the pain it can cause even if the reason for the pretence was to discover the truth. The Truman Show is my chosen movie as it approaches my concept from a different angle. It allows one to understand how a person is affected when their own real self is compromised without their knowledge. In society a masquerade of one’s self is necessary for one’s success. This opinion appears to be accurate in the Rafael Nadal autobiography, Rafa. As the story of Nadals’ victories are revealed it is evident that adopting a masquerade has been key to his great success. An examination of his different levels of deception will be discussed and how closely they are linked to his success. A masquerade for Nadal has been clearly evident as a winning formula in the game of tennis. Tennis greats such as Nadal have described, “The difference between victory and defeat lies not in physical strength or native ability but in having the psychological edge.” Nadal puts on a game face which is to wear a serious expression when you are playing and to portray has few negative emotions as possible so to reflect the attitude of persistence and professional discipline. Nadal explains that his key to success is that; “you have to cage yourself in protective armour, turn yourself into a bloodless warrior. It’s kind of a self-hypnosis, a game you play, with deadly seriousness, to disguise your own weakness from yourself, as well as your rival.” Nadal counterfeits his nerves by putting human feelings on hold to adopt an almost gladiatorial presence which intimidates his opponents and gives him the mental strength. It is clear that a combination of mental toughness and raw talent that has allowed for this champion to dominate the tennis world. The masquerade Nadal transforms into obviously is not a simple as flipping a switch but takes routine and preparation. Preparation for Nadal does not only mean physical training but “getting his head in order”, whether it is in the change room or before the next point. Nadal has to lock up any emotions that could distract from his game and, “that is why he has to arm himself with courage in the build-up to a big game, why he does what he does inside the locker room, willing himself into a personality change, bottling up his inherent fears and the nerves of the moment before releasing the gladiator within.” Nadal proved in 2008 Wimbledon final that “ getting his head in order for the biggest match of his life” proved to be a successful as not only did the crowd feel his warrior presence but he also rattled Roger Federer who has been described to be the greatest tennis player in...
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