Maternal Employment and Child Development

Topics: Propensity score, Developmental psychology, Propensity score matching Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Running head: Critical Summary: Maternal Employment and Child

Critical Summary: Maternal Employment and Child Development

Vanessa Sibley
Liberty University

The purpose of this article was to reflect the effects of a mother’s employment status on her child during their development stages, birth to three years. The challenge was to show the cognitive development impact that is imposed upon a child when they do not have the influence of a mother’s care due to their employment status. Additionally, the study was to prove and provide scientific insight in determining whether or not a child’s development is negatively impacted when they are separated from their mother immediately after birth. Research has shown that one of the most integral and formative periods of a child’s cognitive development are established from birth to three years of age.

Critical Summary: Maternal Employment and Child Development There were multiple hypotheses used in determining the effectiveness of a mother’s companion with child in lieu or returning to work. The first was reflective of the notion that because Multiple Imputations (MI) was used concerning the sampled cases, the averages might be skewed when reviewing the results. The additional hypothesis notes that because of the propensity approach that was used, the concluding estimates may not be as conclusive as expected.

The observational research study used propensity score matching and multiple imputations (MI) based on the sampled subjects. According to the article, “propensity score matching estimates the effect of maternal employment by creating matched groups based on background characteristics. First, the propensity score, or the probability of being treated (i.e., the probability that the child’s mother worked post birth), is estimated for each child.” (Hill, Waldfogel, Brooks-Gunn, & Han, 2005) In order to balance the results of the case study and to fill the gaps of populations that may...

References: Hill, Jennifer L.; Waldfogel, Jane; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Han, Wen-Jui (2005). Maternal Employment and Child Development: A Fresh Look Using Newer Methods.
Developmental Psychology, Vol. 41(6), Nov 2005, 833-850. doi: 10.1037/0012-1649.41.6.833 Special Section: Developmental Psychology and Public Policy.
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