Midday Break

Topics: Eating, Odor, Skeleton Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: September 18, 2013
Midday Break
“Finally, the just ten minutes more till recess!” I thought as my stomach growled loudly. I was looking forward to recess time! I had eaten a pretty light breakfast this morning, and I have an empty stomach which I wanted to fill so badly! As my classroom was on the second floor, I could easily smell the dense aroma of the canteen food. That made me hungrier than I am now! “Ring!” the bell finally rang, signalling that it was recess time ---midday break. In a fast motion, I fished out my wallet and bolted out of the classroom to the canteen. I groaned as I the sight of the canteen greeted my eyes. It was crowded! Every store has extremely long queues. “Great,” I muttered, “This will take me a million years to get my food.” I made a beeline to my favourite store. The only thing on my mind was the delicious, mouth-watering pratas, the Indian specialty! Not long later, I got my food and went to settle at a table with my friends. Loud chatters of cheery students filled the air, along with the strong musky smells of spices from the stores. I was almost drooling as I cut my food into pieces. The roti pratas came with a bowl of delectable curry. I dipped my prata into the palatable curry then into my mouth. Almost immediately, I could feel the hot crisp of the prata in my mouth. “The pleasure of having food in your mouth, unbelievable!” I thought to myself. It tasted great. “Ew! How could you eat that…that greasy thing! It’s gross!” my friend, Lina exclaimed. I shot her my death glare and retorted, “It’s my favourite food! Your sushi looks so raw, disgusting!” With that I continued munching on my food. After eating, my friends and I decided to have a stroll around the school as there was still time to spare. As we walked past the Science lab, I started laughing all of a sudden. I remembered a time, during recess when we walked long the Science lab. On that day, one of our friends, Joseph, out of mischief, decided to play a prank on Lina. As Lina and I...
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