Middle Childhood

Topics: Developmental psychology, Child development, Childhood Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: July 3, 2012
ECE 277: Middle Childhood Essay Exam
Winter, 2012

You have learned so much about development in middle childhood. You have examined physical, cognitive and social & emotional development during this period. This exam is meant to help you to organize your learning about middle childhood in these three developmental areas and help you to make important connections between this knowledge and your practices in the early childhood classroom. Please be complete and detailed as you respond to these questions. Use specific examples and include APA citations for the course materials you have explored in each area of middle childhood development. CAREFULLY READ THE RUBRIC FOR THIS EXAM

USE THE ORGANIZATION PROVIDED BELOW, LETTERING EACH RESPONSE WITH A, B AND C. 1.In a well-developed essay for EACH of the developmental areas below, EXPLAIN the TWO most important points you have learned about middle childhood development IN EACH OF THESE DEVELOPMENTAL DOMAINS. For each domain essay, please cite at least 2 resources from the course materials, using APA format.

a.Physical Development (ESSAY ABOUT two most important points): Nutrition and Motor development.” In middle and late childhood years children body weight doubles.”(Santrock, 2010, p.357). “During middle and late childhood, children motor development becomes much smoother and more coordinated than it was in early childhood.”(Santrock, 2010, p.356). b.Cognitive & Language Development (ESSAY ABOUT two most important points): c.“Language acquisition helps increase in logic, flexibility, memory, and speed of thinking”. (Berger, PowerPoint, 2009, s.11). d.“The child becomes increasing able to use mental representation and symbol, such as words to finding out information”. (Magna, n.d.). e.Social & Emotional Development (ESSAY ABOUT two most important points): f.“Gender similarities one part of the hypothalamus responsible for sexual...
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