milestones of development

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Holistic Development: The First month.
Normative physical development.
Gross Motor Skills.
·The baby can lie down.
·When placed on their front the baby turns their head to one side. ·When in the sitting position, the head will lag,back curves and head will fall.

Fine motor skills.
·The baby turns towards the light and stares at bright shiny objects. ·The baby is amazed by faces and will stare at the carer.
·The baby makes a tight fist.
·The baby is startled by loud noises but can be soothed by soft music. Normative communication and language development.
·The babys need all forms of communication from other people from birth onwards. ·The baby will react to familier sounds.
·The baby is comforted when picked up.
·The baby makes eye contact.
·The baby cries when in need of food, bottle, nappy changed or wind. ·The baby will look towards the area of sound.
Normative cognitive development.
Touch and movement (kinaesthetic)
·The baby feels pain from birth.
·The babys most sensitive parts are the face, abdomen, hands and the soles of the foot. ·The baby percives the movements taht he or she makes themselves and the way they are moved , through their senses. ·The baby is startled if they are moved suddendly, known as the moro or startle reflex. Sound

·The baby will turn and listen to sound.
·The baby may stop crying when they here a human voice.
·The baby from a young age will like sweet taste eg breast milk Smell
·The baby is attarcted to the smell of brest milk

·The baby can focus on objects up to a distance of 20cm.
·The baby is sensitive to light
·The baby likes to give eye contact
·The baby can track the movements of people and objects
·The baby will scan the edge of an object
·The baby will copy facial expressions eg putting their tounge out. ·The baby may be colour blind at early stages of development. Normative emotional and social development
·a babys first smile is around 5 to 6 weeks.
·The baby will copy certain facial expressions.
·The baby uses bodily movements to express pleasure.
·The baby likes to be cuddeled and fed.
·The baby learns where their body begins and ends eg that his or her hand is part of them but their mothers is not. Holistic development from 1 to 4 months
Normative physical development
Gross motor skills
·The baby can turn from side to back
·The baby can lift their head slightly
·The arm and legs are moved jerky.
·The head will lag when the baby is in sitting position
·When the baby is lying on their back the head is in central postion. Fine motor skills.
4 to 8 weeks.
·The baby use the palmer grasp on the carers finger
·The baby will show interest to the carers face and stare attentively . ·The baby is attracted to bright shiny objects
1 to 4 months
·The baby can lift their head and chest off the bed when in the prone position , supported on forearms. ·There is almost no head lag when in the siting position
·The legs kick rapidly.
·The baby can wave their arms and bring ahnds together over their body 8 to 12 weeks
·the baby will follow and adults movements with their head ·the baby pays attention to his or her hands
·the baby will hold a rattle for a moment before dropping it

Normative communication and language development
4 to 8 weeks
·the baby recognises familier faces and objects.
·the baby cooes and gurgles.
·the babys cries become more expressive .
·the baby will look for sounds.
8 to 12 weeks
·the baby is startled by loud noises
·the baby will makes sucking motion when they hear food being prepared. ·The baby gets excited when hearing a person approach.
First 3 months
·The baby listens to voices
·The baby cries for company
·Infront of the mother and father the baby dances, listens and replies in babble and coo. ·The baby cries with anger to express their needs.
·A baby with hearing problems babbles and cries...
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