Miners Trapped Underground

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The New York Times (New York Times, 2010)A gold and copper mine caved in , trapping 33 miners in a chamber more than 2300 feet below in August, 2010. For about two weeks there were not any type of signs that the miners had survived. Surprisingly a small hole reached the miner's and they sent up a message telling rescuers they were alive. These miners went on to be trapped below for two months before rescuers could reach them. They were rescued in a specially designed capsule that was a half a mile shaft. The rescue took about 22 hours. The tragic story was plastered all on the news and internet for the world to take notice. This event took place in Copiapó, Chile. Everyday day the miners spent underground Chileans went by to show support and faith that they will see the light again. In this paper we will be discussing the Chilean Copper Mine accident that happened on Thursday, August 5th, 2010. How the Chilean Copper Mine communicates to the families of the miners, their employees and to the local community. The impact this accident caused to families, and the local community and the loyal dedication to bring the miners to safety.

Considerations to remember given the different roles and people in this audience is that they were all emotionally concerned. There were wives, mothers, children and friends all watching this tragic on television or reading it in the paper. Delivering the message about this incident to the families would have had to be done with caution. This is not a phone call type of situation because the families will start to panic. A visit to the house would have been the perfect solution to telling them there loved one has gotten trapped underground while at work. When writing or presenting topics like these in the media, considerations for the families have to be acknowledged first. The potential needs of the miners families would be for the reporters to have encouraging news everyday. Reporters will need to speak clear and post limited...
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