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Dorette van den Dam
Lotte van Dongen
Melissa van Ketel
Coco Wiertz


Teacher: M. Adams

Edtiting and Mediaproduction
18 January 2013


1 Introduction
Second screens and the future
Seconds screens are taking over the world. This sounds a little boring and crazy. But what if it is true? Every TV program nowadays is asking you to turn on your second screen and be interactive with the program. But is it all as wonderful as the programs wants you to believe it is? That’s the question that remains when using a second screen. Studies show that the use of second screens can have positive and negative effects on your environment and your concentration. And while TV programs might not be aware of it, it can also be negative for their programs. Have we caught your attention yet? In the following blogs we are going to explain why second screens can be positive and negative and what the consequences for the next generation are. Hopefully will we be giving you enough food for thought and will you be reconsidering the use of your second screen after reading this.

2 Blogs
2.1 Will second screens ruin the socials lives of the next generation? By Melissa van Ketel, 17 January 2013

The world changed a lot since the internet came into our lives. How will the changes be for the next generation?

We know how we used to communicate without a tablet, smartphone and a computer. Will the next generation know also? Maybe they do not know how to make friends in the offline world. Later on, with the growing social media it will become normal to make their first blind date. How it is possible to pay attention to someone while a kid has a latop, TV and smartphone? Will they see the real people? Or will they only notice all the screens and will their first word speaking be ‘daddy’ while they are looking at their moms iPad?

More and more media

TV, radio, social media. It is clear now. Yes, we do multitask and yes, our social lives changed negative and positive because of the new media. I know we used to talk to people in the train while talking to our phones now. The question is, how will the next generation behave? Is it a problem they did not learn to communicate without second screens all around?

What is a second screen about
‘Kid, put away your magazine. I am talking to you!’ This is history. Now it is: ‘Kid, put away your laptop and smartphone while I am talking to you. If you do not, I turn off the TV!’ That is where second screens are all about. Our attention is being spread over a couple of media. Sujatha Ramakrishna, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, said it became normal to have more and more electronic information. This can involve a lot of trouble.

Social struggles
It is usual now for people aged 16 to 24 to send a message on Facebook while watching TV. In that time there is no time to react on a mother, who is complaining about the boring advertisements on TV. Of course there is a laptop too, so there is no time to communicate with people in real life. A study by Standford University discovered it is not good for the childern’s social develop while they move from the one application to the other. The study concludes it can be a struggle for childern’s social life later. This because of the fact children have to recognize emotions. Children learn emotions to pay attention to other people in their environment. The use of second screens is heavy for children now. Because of all the screens and media there is no time left for face-to-face communication, while that is so important.

No danger?
Maybe there isn’t any danger. We see a lot of problems now. But did we see problems too by the development of TV and radio? Yes, because of the TV people were afraid for a...
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