Morality as a freedom

Topics: Morality, The Sopranos, Reality television Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: April 10, 2014

Morality is a matter of freedom. The statement is accurate because everyone has a freedom of choice in their moral decision. Although there has always been an assumption that inclinations and desires affect the moral values of people, this does not indicated their freedom to choose and weigh if the desires and inclinations are wrong. That is the reason that some people find it hard to make decisions freely due to the factors that inclining them to do things that are not out of their own will. In Francine Prose’s essay, “Voting Democracy off the Island,” she argues morality is affected by what is outside, and in James Harold’s essay The Sopranos, argues that morality is affected by our own perspective. Morality in Relation to Freedom is true because their are multiple perspectives that can be taken, everyone sees them in different ways.

Francine Prose in his article claims that Reality Television affect the values and views that the audiences that watch the shows have. This in turn affects their moral character and the way they go about their day today lives. One of the shows that he looks at is the one that Melana, a former cheerleader at NFL and a beauty queen who was looking for love and had too choose from a variety of eligible bachelors. Unlike the “bachelorette”, “Average Joe” this shows bachelors are not all that tall and handsome that the girls in bachelorette get to choose, there are the typical kind of guy that are likely to be found in the street or the café. “Several are obese; others have tics, dermatological or dental problems, or are short,…”(Prose 223). This is more than Melana had expected, being a beauty queen herself, she would expect the bachelors to at the very least be handsome or muscled and strong.

The kinds of men that are competing for Melana are not the handsome and good-looking guys for one reason, ratings. This is meant to be a thrilling moment for the audience, this way the show rating can go higher and more people watch...

References: Harold, J. A Moral Never-Never Land: Identifying with Tony Soprano.
Prose, F. Voting Democracy off the Island: Reality TV and the Republican Ethos.
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